Hannah Mjølsnes          Works   CV

Nordland Teater Black Box, Mo i Rana, 2018

In collaboartion with Mike Leisz

Adressaparken, Trondheim, 2017

In collaboartion with Mike Leisz

Nine Herbs Charm — Residency
Louise Dany, Oslo, 2017

In collaboration with Miriam Hansen

Tromsø, 2017

In collaboration with Mike Leisz

Nine Herbs Charm — Garden
Los Angeles, 2017

Nine Herbs Charm — Mugwort
Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, 2017

In collaboration with Petra Dalström

Road River Gust
Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2016

Video: Hannah Mjølsnes
Ceramics: Noon Tran
Video Programming: Mike Leisz
Sound: Danny Hynds
Dance: Mao Chenhui
Photo documentation: Cedric Tai

Spirit Matter
Podium, Oslo, 2016

Video: Hannah Mjølsnes
Sound: Noon Tran and Danny Hynds
Photo documentation: Ayat Gali