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Nordland Teater Black Box, Mo i Rana, 2018

Video and sound installation featuring the machinery of an iron mine.
In collaboartion with Mike Leisz.

Babel, Trondheim, 2018

Video and sound installation with smoke machine. The video footage features the inside of one of the natural glacier caves that form every winter. Daylight filtered through several tonnes of ice gives off the deep blue glow. The video is programmed to blend and draw out the videofootage live, continuously altering the surface and mimicking the slow movements of the glacier over the course years. Made in collaboration with Mike Leisz.

Adressaparken, Trondheim, 2017

Current shown on LED screens in a public park.
In collaboartion with Mike Leisz.

Tromsø, 2017

Video and sound installation, projection on fabric. 
In collaboration with Mike Leisz.

Nine Herbs Charm — Wood Betony
Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway, 2017

Tea servering of Wood Betony for Petrine Vinjes solo show SCIVIAS.

Nine Herbs Charm — Residency
Louise Dany, Oslo, 2017

Nine Tea Servings of medicinal plants.
In collaboration with Miriam Hansen.
Photo by Ayat Gali.

Nine Herbs Charm — Garden
Los Angeles, 2017

Nine Herbs Charm — Mugwort
Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, 2017

Guided walk with serving of Mugwort. 
In collaboration with Petra Dalström.

Road River Gust
Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2016

Video: Hannah Mjølsnes
Ceramics: Noon Tran
Video Programming: Mike Leisz
Sound: Danny Hynds
Dance: Mao Chenhui
Photo documentation: Cedric Tai

Spirit Matter
Podium, Oslo, 2016

Video: Hannah Mjølsnes
Sound: Noon Tran and Danny Hynds
Photo documentation: Ayat Gali